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Building Up..

Ok you guys, stories should start soon.

But before I get into the first time I met Alan, I think the history of Design For Living needs to be explained. This entry will just briefly (well..) discuss the first time we saw Design For Living, because that was amusing. And it'll help to further stories and see why we got so noticed in all the Alan meetings.

Let's start by saying that sexyscorpiochic (Kaitlin) and I were a bit notorious at the American Airlines Theatre where Design For Living played from February 17 - May 13th.

So needless to say, we were well known there. The ushers and box office people knew us by name. I had experiences twice with walking up the the box office for rush tickets for that day and the box office people had seen me coming and already pulled up our usual seats and had my price ready, which was the box to the left of the stage, the last 2 seats in the back (3 sometimes if others were with us). It was that bad.

But the first time we were ever there (Me, Kaitlin and macabrediablo) it was the second day of previews. We went to get rush tickets for the night show and the matinee was playing when we walked in. There was a speaker in the lobby that projected the show so we could hear Alan speaking. We all grabbed onto each other and started squealing in excitement and the box office dude saw us. He wanted to know why we were so excited and we explained that we were Alan fans and this and that. Not being obsessive or weird, mind you. Just stating that we were fans. We got our tix, left for a bit and then came back later for the show.

When we got inside, the box office dude was still there and he sees us coming in and goes "We'll have you know that we alerted security to let them know there were such big fans here in case we have any trouble!" And we just stared at him stunned like..WHAT!? We're just excited to be here, we're not going to maul the man! Honestly, they made such a HUGE deal about us. It gets worse..

We go to what would become our "usual" box seats and sit down and an usher comes over to us with a walkie talkie. And she says all sweetly, "We know the 3 of you are huge Alan Cumming fans and we just wanted to let you know that during the performance. please don't throw anything onto the stage such as bras and panties or anything, ok?" BRAS AND PANTIES!? And she was DEAD serious. We were laughing so hard. I remember saying to her, "Yea, because I have a whole pack of them in my lunchbox here."

Show started. We absolutely died. Intermission came and the usher lady comes back upstairs to us and says to us, "Hi girls. We wanted to let you know that we informed Alan that he has a couple of big fans in the audience and he asked us to tell to you hello from him." ...umm if you don't want us to get hysterically excited, WHY DID YOU TELL US THIS!? We were PYSCHED.

We didn't get to meet Alan that night, because there was some sort of party going on inside and he was eating chinese food which we watched the delivery guy bring in. But it really sucked because it was the middle of February and like 20 degrees and we sat outside for almost an hour and a half before some set people came out and told us. It was depressing. And we almost missed the last ferry home too.
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