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While We Were Cumming

and other tales..

::Alan's Hoes::
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We have battled: wind, rain, snow, and intense heat.
We have endless supplies of inside jokes.
We have even more memories.
We always know when and where the party is.
We are Alan's hoes.
..And we've got some tales to tell..




und Chris//ginger8

This is a community for those of us who have seen Alan in person and have a story...or a few about it. Lending our experiences to those less fortunate.

Yay! Now go away..


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"..burn your phone!", "do not knock", "dude that is nick!", "i can't understand him!", "i know", "oh you're shaking!", "yes.. well maybe..no", (patty's) fur coat, aa theatre, adjusting himself, alan cumming, alan's mom, alerted security, bacardi silver, bad table manners, battling the weather, ben and jerry's, box office dude, bras and panties, cabaret, carmine, carrying 30 bags, casanova, cavemen, cell phone games, chewing on shirt collars, chugging water, dead plants, design for living, dressed in white, eddie roche, elle, falling down the stairs, fingering wine glasses, flip flops, floating glasses, flower drawing, foreign drivers, francis hills, german earwax beer, getting hugs, good n plenty, hands clasped behind back, happy easter, horrible shaved head, horrible shaved legs, hotel carter, indestructable polaroids, inside jokes, kaitlin's breasts, kleopatra, looking around kaitlin, marilyn manson lunchbox, mumbling, my deah, napkins and scotch tape, nick philippou, nipple rings, non profit organization, nose bopping, note in eddie's pocket, our box seats, parker eats liver, picture for the lady, pink feather boa, popes, rigged armchairs, selling ourselves, sexual innuendos, sin or vin, star stickers, stepping on jamie's foot, stuffed giraffes, tales to tell, the art party, the autograph guy, the belt, the coat twirl, the dumpster, the ferry, the pizza place, the stage reflection, the stoop, the stupid rose, the zipper, throwing penny's, times talk, tommy's tale, toys r us, tripping over rugs, un deux trois, user and abuser, veg city diner, wedrock, winter hats in summer